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Whatever your plumbing need, we can offer you a service that meets your requirements.
General plumbing duties include but not limited to:
 leaks, broken toilets, dripping taps.
We can help repair or replace.
   Power Flush    

Power flushing is an effective technique that keeps your radiators and heating system working efficiently.

 We use high quality chemicals and machinery, to ensure you receive a high quality and efficient service.

Over time, your heating system will build up sludge and magnetite, meaning your heating system isn't working efficiently.

Signs your central heating system may need a power flush:

  • Your radiators take longer to heat up

  • The radiator is not fully heated and you can find cold spots

  • You notice black, gritty water leaking from the system

  • Your boiler or heating system makes louder than normal noises or banging

  • You notice a difference in how your hot water is running


These are often key signs, especially when you experience more than one, that your radiators are full of sludge and that you need to have them power flushed. Once the system is cleaned, chemicals will be added to the heating system will provide ongoing protection. 

The benefits from having your system power flushed: 


  • System flushing can be completed in as little as 2 hours

  • Cleansed system ensure optimum results any additional protection

  • Provides effective, ongoing protection for the system

  • Improves the central heating’s performance and efficiency - thus lowering the cost of your heating bills

  • Extends the life of the system

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